The consultants, financial planners, attorneys, insurance professionals, paralegals and healthcare professionals at NFP Structured Settlements are among the most resourceful, diligent, and experienced in the industry. We are dedicated to helping you maximize your settlement money and secure your long-term goals.

We also are sensitive to the difficult life changes you likely are facing. Our personal approach has helped tens of thousands of clients understand what can be a complicated – yet critical – decision. Here are just six of the reasons to choose NFP Structured Settlements:

More attention to your unique needs

Our goal is to serve your unique circumstances. To achieve this, we become deeply involved in your situation.

Our professional structured settlement consultant works with you one-on-one to fully understand your personal situation and to best address your current and future needs. We conduct a detailed analysis and ongoing evaluation of the current expenses and obligations and future needs that you or your loved ones face today – and tomorrow.

The settlement you are considering clearly has a significant impact on the life, care and future of you and your loved ones. As your partner, it is our greatest responsibility to guide you skillfully through the structured settlement process.

Complete financial resources

As part of NFP, a leading national distributor of trusts, benefits, life insurance and wealth management solutions, NFP Structured Settlements can also provide you with important financial resources complementary to your structured settlement.

We offer financial planning, wealth management, and trust services that can include special needs trusts, settlement protection trust and Medicare set-aside accounts.

Trust services and administration

Trust services are part of NFP Structured Settlements’ mission to provide plaintiffs with a “holistic planning” experience. Over the course of our years in the industry, we’ve seen how a well-balanced settlement plan often includes both a structured settlement and a trust. An injured plaintiff receiving a settlement must determine the appropriate allocation to each vehicle.

In our unique process at NFP Structured Settlements, we work with NFP-owned trust administration company, NDC Advisors, as well as our team of nurses, attorneys, accountants and settlement planners. Together, we devise an appropriate long-term plan utilizing both a structured settlement and a trust to best suit your individual near-term needs and long-term goals.

Connections to other critical support

At NFP Structured Settlements, we care about our clients. We recognize the medical and emotional challenges you may be facing. We may not be able to directly help you with non-financial matters; however, we can guide you to experts who can.

Our relationship with National Care Advisors (NCA) can help provide unique nurse consulting to assist with your individual needs. NCA helps identify costs associated with your unique care needs – and can provide personalized care management designed to meet those needs.

NCA helps ensure quality of life now – and throughout your lifetime. For more information about NCA, ask us or visit

Caring, ongoing service

Long after your settlement is finalized, NFP Structured Settlements remains your partner committed to providing the guidance you need and the answers to any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service at every stage of your settlement life cycle.