NFP Structured Settlements


Why You Should Consider NFP
Structured Settlements

NFP Structured Settlements consultants are hardworking and resourceful. We’re passionate about helping you make the most of your settlement money, and our team of attorneys, insurance professionals, financial planners and paralegals is well-prepared to do so.

Just as important, we are sensitive to the fact that you may also be adjusting to difficult changes. NFP Structured Settlements' personal approach has proven effective for tens of thousands of people like you[1]. We do it by offering:

Personal Attention To Your Exact Needs

One of the main reasons for structuring your settlement is to help ensure that you always have the money you need — when you need it. That means that your structured settlement consultant has to fully understand your personal situation to be able to address current and future needs.

When it comes to accounting for your unique circumstances, we believe no one is more thorough and deeply involved than NFP Structured Settlements. We conduct a detailed analysis to determine what expenses and needs you may face now and in the future. Throughout the process, we work closely with you to make sure you understand your situation and your choices just as fully.

This is your settlement, which will obviously impact your life and future. We do not take that fact lightly.

Connections To Other Kinds Of Support

At NFP Structured Settlements, we care about our clients as individuals. We recognize the many medical and emotional challenges you may also be facing. Even though we may not be able to directly help you with non-financial matters, we do our best to guide you to experts who can.

Many of our clients benefit from our relationship with National Care Advisors (NCA), a nurse consulting organization that assists clients with special needs in dramatic ways. NCA can help identify the costs associated with your unique care needs as well as provide personalized care management to help meet those needs. Their core focus is to make quality of life not only possible, but sustainable over a lifetime.

Caring, Ongoing Service

By the time we have finalized your settlement, you should be on your way to a brighter future, but that doesn’t mean we aren't still here to answer questions or give guidance later on. We pride ourselves on the highest level of service before, during and after your settlement.

[1] Based on internal carrier data.